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Murrell Counseling Service, LLC

Consulting, Evaluations & Therapy

Brief Biographies

Dr. Michael Murrell began practice in June, 1987 and has expanded his practice into three primary specialties.

TRAUMA SPECIALTY: Dr. Murrell is a member of American Psychological Association and Division 42 for Trauma Psychologists. Since he began practice he has specialized in treating P.T.S.D. in both military and civilian population. He is a member of E.M.D.R.I.A. and has practiced this technique since 1996. He is certified as an E.M.D.R. Therapist and was the first psychologist to achieve this level of expertise in Southwest Missouri.



Dr. Murrell does evaluations adults only. These include the standard diagnostic tests of the Minnesota Multi-axial Personality Inventory (MMPI) the RF and Type II versions. He also does the Millon Multi-Axial Personality Inventory in its third edition (MCMI-III). Other tests include the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale in the fourth edition (WAIS-IV) which is the standard for IQ testing as well as the Wechsler Memory Scale in the fourth edition (WMS-IV). He also does numerous other tests for relationship issues and specific tests for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and ADD.

Michael D. Murrell, Psy. D.

Doctorate of Professional Psychology

Forest Institute: Graduated from the Doctoral Program with Honors as

Summa Cum Laude

E.M.D.R. (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) Certified Therapist Third Level

Professional References:

Michelle D. Smith

QTC Regional Manager



QTC Medical Group

Cell 405-568-8037

[email protected]

Gabriel Cline, Ph. D.

1358 E. Kingsley

Suite E

Springfield, MO. 65804


Professor Grant Jones, Ph. D.

Evangel University

Graduate School of Counseling

1111 No. Glenstone Ave.

Springfield, MO. 65802


Mark Bradford, Ph. D.

Licensed Psychologist

1623 St. Louis Ste. E

Springfield, MO. 65802


Dr. H. J. Bains



Tara Downie, Psy. D.

1200 E. Woodhurst

Ste. T-300

Springfield, MO 65804


Please call us at 417-881-1580

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